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Daily post:

aerosmith's steven tyler and joe perry first met in a small club in new hampshire.

Daily aero facts:

Aerosmith is notorously famous for destroying there hotels rooms after they've used them. They even brought extension cords so they could throw the T.V. out of the window and so it'll still be on untill it hits the ground.

Daily aero facts:

In steve's bad days (past drug abuse days) steve onced askd his manager tim collins for money for drugs... when tim said no however, steve punched a hole through the wall, sighned it, and stormed out...
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this a brand new community... and i joined livejournal not to long ago!!! the community will undergo construction untill my friends help me.... sorry! see you soon!


do you love aerosmith?!?! well then this is the place to be!!! ask me any question about aerosmith!!! i WILL answer them perfectly!!! blog, chat, anything!!!! Rock on smith heads!!!!